The Zaricor Flag collection: Two Centuries of Concord & Conflict

The Zaricor Flag Collection (ZFC), as the noted flag historian, the late Howard Madaus stated, Is the largest most important representation of U.S. and American flags in the world. Containing many important foreign flags, the ZFC is more than a large accumulation; rather it is a dynamic working collection, used for research, exhibition and educational purposes. Read more >>

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U.S. 13 Star Flag - Great Star in Glory.U.S. 13 Stars flag - Privateer Minerva.  U.S. 13 Star - Old Sandy Point Lighthouse.   U.S. 13 stars 4-5-4 pattern Flag, Merchant Ensign.US Revenue-Marine Ensign & Custom House Flag 1790sU.S. 15 Star Union Jack - Merchant ship Vineyard.U.S. 16 Stars - Academy of Natural Sciences.U.S. 17 Star, 17 Stripe Privateer Ensign.U.S. 24 Star Pennsylvania Militia color 1822-1836U.S. 18 Star Exclusionary Flag.Second National Ensign of the CSS Alabama, 1864.U.S. 34 Star Infantry Color, Coal Exchange Reg.37 Star U.S. Flag, Abraham Lincoln\'s Funeral.U.S Army, Sand\'s Ohio Battery, 1862U.S. Cavalry Regimental Standard.U.S. 34 Star Guidon.13 Star S.S. Arctic U.S. Merchant Eagle Jack.U.S. 48 stars Union Jack - U.S.S. Phelps.U.S. Navy Commodores Broad Pennant 1869-1876.Presidential Flag of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1945.Presidential Flag of President Roosevelt, 1935.U.S. Vice President\'s Flag 1947-1975 design.Vice Presidential Flag, 1948-1975U.K. Royal Navy - D-Day White EnsignFrance Royal Banner - 18th Century.U.S. Regimental Color - 75th Infantry WWI, 1917.U.S. Infantry Regimental Color - 69th New York.Presidential Flag Theodore Roosevelt, 1902 U.S. 13 Star Flag - early all cotton flag.First Captured U.S. 33 Star Flag, Pensacola, Fla.USS Constitution No.1 Ensign, 28-30 Star 1845/50U.S. Early Militia Regimental Color     U.S. 13 Star Navy Boat Flag - Fort Fischer 1864.A Woman Suffrage Party Pennant, 1909.U.S. 50 Star Apollo 14 Flag - EVA Moon Flag 1971.U.S. 13 Star - 1st Washington Volunteer Infantry.


The Enola Gay in-flight log of Capt. Robert Lewis (ZFC3853)

This copy and only transcript of the of the log kept on the Enola Gay 6 August 1945 by Captain Robert A. Lewis, the co-pilot of the B-29 which delivered the atomic bomb "Little Boy" to its target, Hiroshima, Japan. This log was kept at the request of the Science Editor of the New York Times, William "Atomic Bill" Laurence with the permission of the mission commander Colonel Paul Tibbits. After the mission a copy was provided to them Captain William Parsons, who served as the weaponeer that armed the bomb on the mission. Read More

48 Star U.S. #10 Ensign from the USS Enterprise - (CV-6) (ZFC3843)

This ensign was worn by the USS Enterprise (CV-6) in 1945, and was retained by a crewman from that aircraft carrier, the most storied and decorated U.S. combat vessel of WWII. The name Enterprise has been borne by nine different ships since the beginning of the Republic. Read More

US Marine Corps Eagle Globe & Anchor Emblem theatre made in Guadalcanal - 1942 (ZFC3851)

Theater made artwork like this plaque was common in WWII. This was carved and decorated from a single piece of wood in the field. It is inscribed with one of the U.S. Marines most fiercely fought campaigns "Guadalcanal." Read More

Rare Historical Sound Recording of U.S. Marine Corps Band at the Iwo Jima Monument Unveiling Ceremony November 10,1945. (ZFC3867)

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On the occasion of the Marine Corps' 170th Birthday, November 10, 1945, the Original Iwo Jima Monument was first unveiled in a very moving ceremony in Washington, DC. Read More


48 Star U.S. Flag recovered from the USS Arizona, 1941 (ZFC3841)

This flag, stenciled with the pre-war identification "USS ARIZONA" was recovered from the hulk of the USS Arizona and presented to the widow of the commander of Battleship Division One, Rear Admiral Isaac C. Kidd, who died on the bridge of his flagship on 7 December 1941 during the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Read More

"USS ARIZONA" Code Baker Signal Flag (ZFC3842)

This red cotton swallow tailed signal flag was recovered from the USS Arizona after the 7 December 1941 sneak attack by the Imperial Japanese Navy that resulted in the destruction of the ship. The flag is stenciled "USS ARIZONA" a pre-war practice for marking such flags, especially on capital ships like the Arizona. After its recovery it was presented to Mrs. Inez Kidd, the widow of Rear Admiral Isaac C. Kidd, the commander of the Pacific Fleet's Battle Ship Division One, who died on the bridge of the Arizona during the attack. When used as a signal flag Code Baker was used to signal the loading & unloading of dangerous cargo. Read More

Joe Rosenthal - 38th Anniversary of Iwo Jima, Photos & Album (ZFC3194 & ZFC3849)

Iwo Jima Flag Raising photo, autographed Joe Rosenthal the Iwo Jima flag raising photographer, and inscribed "Best wishes to Harry Brand from Joe Rosenthal". Harry Brand was director of publicity for the Twentieth Century-Fox Studios, was one of Hollywood's most able press agents and executives. Read More
Joe Rosenthal's Personal Iwo Jima Photo Album 1945 consist of 52 photographs shot by Joe Rosenthal Associated Press (AP) over three weeks during the heart of the Battle of Iwo Jima February, 1945. Read More

US Army 86th Combat Engineers (ZFC3764)

This is the 86th Engineers Battalion Color. They landed at D-Day plus 4. It saw front line action at Normandy, the race across France, Market Garden, Battle of the Bulge and they built the first bridges across the Rhine in 1945. Read More