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Spain // Invitation / Blessing of Rgt Color

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Spain // Invitation / Blessing of Color of 11th San Fernando Infantry Regiment
27 May 1899
11th Line Infantry Regiment (San Fernando) was a famous and distinguished Spanish Infantry Regiment from 1808 to 1985.
The Infantry Regiment San Fernando No 11 has its origins in the Spanish War of Independence, and more specifically the May 5 1808, in which Don Francisco Rovira of organizing the uprising against French troops in the area of Emporda, organizing several items with a unit that was called "Third of Ampurdn No 1" and which was his first Chief D. Manuel de Montesinos. Manuel Montesinos.
In the year 1809, it was organized as the so-called "Legions Catalan", so it rose as the "Third of the First Infantry Legion". In the year 1811 changed its name to "San Fernando Regiment Infantry Line," to end the war of Independence take no 57 of the Infantry and become the "Infantry Regiment San Fernando No 57" , Which was disbanded in 1815, going overseas.
It was re-organized in 1825 as the "10th Regiment of Catalonia" and that same year to spend "Infantry Regiment Line No 10" and a year later in 1826 to retrieve the name of San Fernando as " Infantry Regiment San Fernando No 10 ". In the year 1831 it became "Infantry Regiment San Fernando No 11."
It was reorganized the Infantry into Battalions in the year 1844 formed the "Battalion Infanetra San Fernando No 31", "Sevilla Infantry Battalion No. 32", "Infantry Battalion Rate No 33," until in the year 1844, when it reverted to "Infantry Regiment San Fernando No 11."
It would remain unchanged during the "American War" (1895-1898); defense lines in fortified positions in the 4th Corps of General Linares, 1st Division (Manzanillo) in the area of Palma Soriano, in southern Cuba, and fought the US Army in the Santiago Campaign.
After the American War, it returned to Spain and fought in the "Campaign for Morocco" (1911-1924). In 1925 it was divided into three battalions to fight in Morocco, but was reconverted again to the "Infantry Regiment San Fernando No 11" , in 1931.
During "Spanish Civil War" (1936-1939); it was involved in numerous battles in the areas of Madrid, and against the Basques in the Pyrenees. After the Civil War The regiment served it continued on under various amalginations until 1985 when it was finally dissolved.

The coat of arms of the Infantry Regiment San Fernando No 11, recalls that the recovery of the Castle of San Fernando in Figueras, Catalonia is the key, is described as: In field of silver, gold Donjon a castle of three towers, Mazon Sabretooth and cleared of the same, lying two golden keys, and put into a high stick.

Among the most prominent rewards granted to the regiment San Fernando No 11 are the Right to place in the corners of their flags a key by the action of the reconquest of the Castle of San Fernando in 1811.
They always had a special reverence for their patron, San Fernando.

"War of Independence" (1808-1814)
"War of New Spain" (1816-1817)
"Constitutional War" (1820-23)
"First Carlist War" (1833-1840);
"War of Africa" (1859-1860).
"Political Events" (1840-1870).
"Second Carlist War" (1872-1876);
"Political events of Madrid" (1886)
"Campaign Melilla" (1893).
"American War" (1895-1898);
"Campaigning for Morocco" (1911-1924);.
"Spanish Civil War" (1936-1939);
Service in Spain (1940-1985)

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Hoist & Fly

Width of Hoist 5.5
Length of Fly 9


Are there stars on obverse? no
Are there stars on reverse? no


Has a Blood Stripe? no


Description of Crest/Emblem Image of Spanish Infantry color


Fabric Paper


Method of Attachment NONE


Applique Sides Double Faced = Reads correctly on both sides


All original documents and drawings are held in the Zaricor Flag Collection Archives.
All original documents and drawings are held in the Zaricor Flag Collection Archives.


Condition Excellent
Damage used, worn
Displayable yes


Date 1899