U.S. 28 Star Flag, 1846 - 1847, Mexican War era.

Sub-collection: U.S. 28 Star Flags

28 Star U.S. Flag - Admission of Texas to the Union on December 29th, 1845.
This, professionally made, 28 star, wool, United States flag dates to the period from 1846 to 1847 just after the cessation of hostilities in the Mexican-American War. The 28 stars date this flag to the 1846 - 1847 period, when the admission of Texas, on December 29th, 1845, into the Union, made the 28 star flag official.

The flag is constructed of wool bunting, with cotton stars common the period and is typical of civilian, naval and military flags of the period, and it could have had any of these uses. Sadly there are all too many flags like this: well constructed, obviously utilized, and preserved by someone for posterity but its history remains unknown. The flag was very important at one time as an analysis if the sewing threads reveal numerous repairs, including some with 20th century threads.

The 28 star flag flew during the Mexican American War, and the conquest of California and the American Southwest. The only President to serve under this flag was James Polk (1845-1849).

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• Acquired by Lt. Col. Tim Weiser, Petersburg, VA, until, 2009.
• Purchase on Internet Auction by Perry Krevat for Zaricor Flag Collection, 2009.


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Image Credits:
Zaricor Flag Collection

Hoist & Fly

Width of Hoist 42
Length of Fly 58


Width of Union/Canton 23.75
Length of Union/Canton 32.35


Comments on Star Measurements 6-5-6-5-6 horizontal rows
Size of Stars 3


Width of 1st Stripe 3.5
Width of 3rd Stripe 3.5
Width of 8th Stripe 3
Width of Last Stripe 3.125
Size of Hoist 1.675


Is it framed? no


Number of Stars 28
How are the stars embeded? Double Applique
Are there stars on obverse? yes
Are there stars on reverse? yes
Star Pattern 6-5-6-5-6 horizontal rows


Number of Stripes 13
Color of Top Stripe Red
Color of Bottom Stripe Red
Has a Blood Stripe? no


Nation Represented United States


Fabric Wool


Stitching Hand


Comments on Method of Attachmen Two - Eyelet/grommet through header.
Method of Attachment Whip-stitched


Applique Sides Single Faced = Mirror Image Reverse


Research Documents


Condition Fair
Damage Used, worn, torn, numerous deficits, in both canton & stripes.
Trending to good.
Displayable yes


Date 1846-1847