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International Signal Code "N" flag -USS Winslow

Sub-collection: U.S. Naval

USS Winslow - International Signal Code "N" shipboard made flag.
This small blue and white checkered flag is the International Code of Signals flag "N", and was a part of a shipboard made signal flag set from the USS Winslow, a torpedo boat in service during the Spanish American War.

The USS Winslow was involved in the Battle of Cardenas Bay, Cuba on May 11, 1898, during which the Winslow was severely damaged by Spanish shore batteries. During the engagement several members of the Winslow's crew were killed including the only commissioned naval officer killed during the Spanish-American War, Ensign Worth Bagley. Despite their losses and the damage to the Winslow, the crew of the remained steadfast and went above and beyond the call of duty and three of the crewmembers were awarded the Medal of Honor.

Acquired as a grouping of U.S. Naval wool-bunting flags most of them hand stitched. Included in the grouping are ZFC3391 a yard made special signal flag marked #4 and dated 1892; ZFC3392 a "Speed" pennant; ZFC3393 a "T" Tecumseh Pennant; and ZFC3394 "O" Oscar Pennant. Each flag is as constructed, but show obvious use, and all are associated with one of the most heroic torpedo boat engagements of the Spanish-American War.

After the war some of the flags from the USS Winslow were presented by Lieutenant Charles S. Thurston, although to whom or what institution remains unknown, but the flags are accompanied by a period card imprinted with the details of the battle.

Provenance: Acquired in 2102 at auction at Heritage Auction Inc., Dallas, Texas.

ZFC Important Flag


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Image Credits:
Zaricor Flag Collection

Hoist & Fly

Width of Hoist 32
Length of Fly 29.5


Width of 1st Stripe 8.5
Width of 3rd Stripe 8.5
Width of Last Stripe 8.5
Size of Hoist 1


Is it framed? no


Are there stars on obverse? no
Are there stars on reverse? no


Has a Blood Stripe? no
Comments on Stripes Flag is not striped, but for this purpose each row of checks is considered a "stripe"; checks are appox. 7-8" square.


Description of Crest/Emblem Blue & white checkerboard of four checks on a side, blue in upper hoist, alternating


Nation Represented United States


Fabric Wool


Stitching Hand


Type of Weave Plain


Comments on Method of Attachmen Loop & 36.25" lead line
Method of Attachment Loop & Lead line


Applique Sides Single Faced = Mirror Image Reverse


All original documents and drawings are held in the Zaricor Flag Collection Archives.
All original documents and drawings are held in the Zaricor Flag Collection Archives.


Condition Good
Damage Used, soiled,worn some mothing
Displayable yes


Date 1898