OBVERSEObverseHorizontal FlagObverse - editBook PhotoHorizontal- flag editTime cover image editTime  Cover - 4/7/1980Time Cover ImageFrontspieceObverse - edit 2Time cover  editfront piece editGold frame with lighter underlaySilver frame with darker underlaySilver frame with lighter underlaySilver frame with no underlayframing detail001framing detail002framing detail003framing detail004hanging bracketleft edgeoblique reverse_obverse_reverseSail Plan for USS Constitution in 1817 showing 13 Star Flag with Single Ring & Center Star13 Star EnsignCanton DetailPewterers' banner 1788, NY Histroical Society

U.S. 13 Star Flag - Single Ring with Center Star.

Sub-collection: Mastai - Early American Flags

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