ObverseObverse obliqueReverse Detail 10Reverse Detail 11Reverse Detail 12Obverse detailObverse Canton 1Obverse Damage 1Obverse Damage 2Obverse Detail 1Obverse Detail 2Obverse Detail 3Obverse StarObverse Detail 4Obverse StarObverse Detail 5Obverse ZoomObverse Detail 6Obverse Detail 7Obverse Detail 8Obverse Detail 9Obverse Detail 19ReverseReverse Detail 1Reverse Detail 2Reverse Detail 3Reverse StarsReverse CantonReverse Detail 4Reverse Detail 5Reverse Detail 6Reverse Detail 7Reverse Detail 8Reverse Detail 9

9 Star Confederate States 1st National Flag.

Sub-collection: Bullock // WWII Naval Battle Flag

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