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Book PhotoVertical StripesReverse - editinfo - editinfo - edit 3info - edit 4Star Detail - edit 3Vertical flag - edit 2Reverse - edit 3Reverse - edit 2info - edit 2Reverse - edit 1Horizontal FlagVertical FlagHorizontal FlagHorizontal FlagStars blueStar BlueCantonStar BlueStripesReverse FlagReverse FlagReverse FlagReverse FlagReverse FlagReverse FlagStarReverse Flaginfo.Cantoninfo.OBVERSE 1Time CoverTime Cover ImageBook Photo - editDetail - EditHorizontal- flag editVertical flag - editStar Detail - editStar Detail - editStar Detail - editStar Detail - edit 2

U.S. 13 Star Flag - Hancock & English.

Sub-collection: Mastai - Early American Flags

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