McKinley & Hobart - 3

McKinley & Hobart - 3A.M.C  monogrammed initialSons of Vetrans '90; Gregg Btn; GARPatchworkPatchworkPA state clubs, variousH embroidered monogram6th Cav. '92,'84 & '90J.A.Mc. monogramed initialsStalwart Republicans 1902PatchworkPatchworkRepublican 1897  1898GAR 1898 & GARPatchworkCo.A, 6th US Cav, 1899PatchworkPatchworkRep. 1892MoH ribbon, GAR Ribbon & lable - 2Catalog ObverseReverse DetailReverse Detail - 2Serbian otif embroideryPatchworkKeystone 1900 Show RibbonsLoose PhotoLoose GAR ButtonObverse - 2Reverse - 2ObverseReverse45 Star FlagRepublican Ticket 1901Rep. Ticket '01,'98Patchwork6th Cav. 1899 &1890Ladies Corps 6th Cav, '99GAR 1892, Am. Houdan ClubRepublican TicketPatchworkPatchwork13 Ward, Rep. Ticket 1900ATM monogramed initialsMcKinley & HobartMcC monogramed initialsMoH ribbon, GAR Ribbon & lablePatchworkPatchworkRep. State Conv. '92 & Harrison-ReidRep. Club Dunbar PAGrant for PresidentMcKinley & Hobart - 2Republican Ticket 1901PatchworkPatchworkFireman '94; GAR '97; 13th Ward '97Nail D. McCarrick

Philadelphia Veterans' Crazy Quilt.

Sub-collection: Veninga - Quilt Collection

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