A Woman Suffrage Party Pennant, 1909.

The Woman Suffrage Party (WSP) was founded by Mrs. Carrie C. Catt in 1907. The WSP of greater New York was modeled on the Democrat and Republican parties in the hope that by organizing, as the major parties did in New York's assembly and election districts, the WSP thought it would bring woman suffrage close to male voters and eventually influence both politicians and their
parties via public opinion.

Pennants like this were distributed at the WSP first convention on 29
October 1909, held at New York City's Carnegie Hall, and waved and worn by
members and supporters alike.

The WSP grew out of the efforts of its antecedent organizations, The Brooklyn Woman Suffrage Association, the New York City Society, and the Interurban Woman Suffrage Council. Under Chapman's able leadership the WSP rose to the height of its influence between 1915 and 1917 during an unsuccessful attempt to amend the New York State Constitution.

The WSP canvassed New York's election districts with broadsides directed at men that logically reasoned that a woman's place may be in the home, yet she can perform domestic duties much better if allowed the vote since she will have greater control of outside events that influence her housekeeping, such as public health and clean food.

Pennants like this were distributed at the WSP inaugural convention on 29 October 1909, at Carnegie Hall, New York City, and it was waved by members and supporters alike. This pennant is framed with ZFC3124; a WSP celluloid pin from the same era.

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Provenance: Acquired in 2008 at auction from Heritage Auctions, Inc., Dallas, Texas.

ZFC Important Flag
Item is Framed


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Zaricor Flag Collection