Sheridan at Five Forks, April 1, 1865, chromolithograph print originally copyrighted in 1897 by Knight & Brown Publishers, New York.
It was part of a series of eight watercolors executed by Henry Alexander Ogden (1856-1936), originally an illustrator for Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, who in 1881 went out on his own and landed a long-term free lance contract with the US Army for a series of uniform illustrations. He was also a prolific book illustrator. The civil war watercolors were reprinted by the War Memorial Association in 1912 during the 50th anniversary of the Civil War. The series was again reprinted during the American Civil War Centennial 1961 to 1965.

This image depicts General Sheridan's famous charge at Five Forks on 5 April 1865, when he grabbed his personal guidon from the bearer and charged over the Confederate breastworks.

The image is believed to depict ZFC2576, General Sheridan's Personal Guidon.