Moraga Room Special Exhibit, Memorial Day, 2003

Special Exhibit at the Presidio's Moraga Room

San Francisco's Presidio, 2003

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SAN FRANCISCO, Memorial Day, 2003. On this occasion when all Americans honor those men and women who sacrificed their lives to protect our country, The Flag Center honors them by displaying some of the flags under which they served. Drawn from the Zaricor Flag Collection, each of these historic mid-19th century examples of the Star and Stripes and 20th century battle flags expresses the ideals and achievements of the United States. Sponsored by Good Earth Teas, Pentagram, and The Presidio Trust.

"An Evening with the Collector"
Ben Zaricor - Part 1

Click on the audio player below to listen to collector Ben Zaricor as he describes his collection at the The American Flag: Two Centuries of Concord & Conflict Exhibit.

"An Evening with the Collector"
Ben Zaricor - Part 2