War & Dissent: THe U.S. in the Philippines, 1989 - 1915

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SAN FRANCISCO, October, 2008:The exhibition War & Dissent: THe U.S. in the Philippines, 1989 - 1915 held at the Presidio of San Francisco from October 2008 to February 2009. Developed and presented by the Presidio Trust, the exhibit was seen by more than 10,000 visitors, including 1,500 students with teachers. War & Dissent exhibited in eleven galleries the history of the Spanish-American War of 1898 - and the Philippine War that immediately followed it - were turning points in the role of the United States in the world and had a great impact on the Presidio of San Francisco. The war in the Philippines also triggered strong dissent within the United States as the nation changed from a republic based on the consent of the governed to the possessor of a colonial empire. This exhibit of photographs, San Francisco monuments, diaries, letters, political cartoons, recordings, maps, and flags looks at the Spanish-American and Philippine Wars from several points of view, including Filipino points of view.

War & Dissent: The U.S. in the Philippines, 1898-1915

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