US Presidential and Vice Presidential Flags

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U.S. Presidential and Vice Presidential Flags
ZFC2500 50 Star U.S. Flag, President John F. Kennedy Limousine Assassination in Dallas 11/22/1963. These flags, which President John F. Kennedy used throughout his 1000 days in office, were on the presidential limousine when his life was taken in Dallas. Read more ZFC2501 President John F. Kennedy Assassination Limousine Flag - Assassination in Dallas 11/22/1963. This flag, which President John F. Kennedy used throughout his 1000 days in office, were on the presidential limousine when his life was taken in Dallas. Read more
ZFC2515 U.S. Presidential Flag of Thedore Roosevelt. This embroidered silk Presidential Flag made in 1902 has its origins almost a century before. The significance of this design is that it set the precedent for the use of an alternate to the U.S. Arms, the U.S. Presidential Arms, and was also the origin of the white eagle used 1916 -1945. Read more ZFC2581 This U.S. flag is the last automobile flag used by the Limousine of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. This flag was removed from the Presidential Limousine in Warm Springs, Georgia shortly after the death of FDR by aide United States Marine Corps (USMC) Captain Peyton Harris. Read more
ZFC2502 U.S. Presidential Office Flag of President Roosevelt 1930s - 1916 Design. This is a model 1916 U.S. Presidential Flag. It created when President Woodrow Wilson signed Executive Order 2390 on May 29, 1916, which established the modern presidential flag. Read more ZFC2586 U.S. Presidential Limousine Flag - President Dwight D. Eisenhower. This 49 star flag was used during the administration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. It was a transitional flag made provisionally during the transition from the 48 to the 50 state versions on various United States flags and regalia. Read more
ZFC2571 President Ronald W. Reagan, 50 star fringed, presidential automobile flag, 1982. This automobile flag is from the administration of President Ronald W. Reagan. President Reagan traveled extensively and made wide use of automobile flags. During his administration the size of automobile flags was reduced from the official 18 to 26 to a more modest 12 x 18. Read more
ZFC1070 United States Vice Presidential Flag, 1948-1975. On November 16, 1948, a new design of a flag for the Vice President of the United States was introduced. It consisted of a white field bearing a modified version of the coat of arms of the United States. This pattern continued in use until October 9, 1975, when it was retired. Read more ZFC2570 U.S. Vice Presidential Flag - Lyndon Baines Johnson. Vice Presidential automobile flag was manufactured at the Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot. Lyndon Baines Johnson, the 37th Vice President of the U.S, who served President John F. Kennedy from January 20, 1961 to November 22, 1963, used it. Read more
ZFC2592 U.S. Army Presidential Color, 1912 - 1916. When this exquisite hand embroidered and heavily fringed silken color was embroidered and inspected in 1912, it became one of three flags or colors used to indicate the presence of the President of the United States. Read more