Our Vision

It is extraordinary, in a country that loves its flag as much as we do in the United States, that no permanent display of historic and modern flags exists. The flag's home, of course, is in our hearts, but the country needs a place to tell this story.

Zaricor Flag Collection (ZFC) and ZFC's Flag Center are committed to creating a site that is educational. We are dedicated to conserving, preserving, exhibiting, studying, documenting, teaching and learning about flags and flag related artifacts throughout history. We are committed to providing programs, organizing tours real and virtual, developing curricula for elementary, secondary and college students by providing services in the areas of identification, protoccol, conservation, assesment of flags and flag related materials.

The creation of ZFC's Flag Center would provide a permanent venue to view flag exhibits and learn our country's fascinating story through these silent witnesses to history and would provide an appropriate forum for discussion of the ideas that influence our character as a nation past and present. Our flag tells a story of the diverse ideas, cultures, personalities and political persuasions that has made us a nation. It is a story of both differences and unity.

ZFC and Flag Center will serve the general public, school children, educators, historians, conservationists, academia,, textile experts, collectors, and others by preserving, researching and showcasing the many significant flags in the Zaricor Flag Collection to interpret the stories flags tell, and their relevance to our lives today and tomorrow.