Flags and Prints from the Abraham Lincoln New York Funeral Procession

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Abraham Lincoln Funeral Flags & Prints from 1865

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ZFC2160 - Departure of the President's remains from Jersey City Depot which depicts ZFC0616 on 16 April 1865.

ZFC0276 - 37 Star US commemorative flag placed upon the casket of President Lincoln for a Mrs.Caughlin by Honor Guard Sgt. Joseph Stevy, April 1865.

ZFC2161 - Funeral Procession on 5th Avenue. Note the private display of flags, April, 1865.

ZFC0616 - 35 Star US Flag from Jersey City Depot depicted above, the flag flew as remains of President Lincoln arrived & departed, April 1865.

Image of Jeremiah Gurney 24 April 1865 photo of Lincoln. Lincoln lying in state in NYC City Hall Dome, only image of remains, April 1865.

ZFC0988 - 37 Star US Flag displayed privately in NYC for Lincoln Funeral by Mr. Charles Black, 125th St, April, 1865.

ZFC2159 - Arrival of the remains of President Lincoln in NYC from Jersey City, NJ, April 1865.

ZFC2162 - Remains of President Lincoln in the Dome of NY City Hall, April 1865.

ZFC2157 - Arrival of the remains President Lincoln on Catafalque in front of NY City Hall, April 1865.

ZFC1241 - 34 Star Flag of Albany Depot the next stop where remains were viewed, April 1865.

ZFC2158 - View of City Hall with US, NYC & NY State flags in Mourning, April 1865.

ZFC0617 - 36-Star Grand Luminary Mourning Flag, Black crepe added for Abraham Lincoln Funeral, April-May 1865, and never removed.