55. Private Dao Van Duc Viet Cong

This Grouping is an extraordinary collection of a Viet Cong soldier√ʬ?¬?s flags, memorabilia and soldier personal items that was acquired in Vietnam by Mr. Jean Philippe Martinet from Viet Cong veteran Mr. Dao Van Duc.√?¬† Mr. Martinet acquired these artifacts while he was employed by the venerable French water company Lyonnaise des Eaux which specializes in water services and sanitation for local communities and industry in France and former French possessions.

From 1989 to 1998 Mr. Martinet traveled often in the Tay Ninh area, and befriended the Viet Cong veteran Dao Van Duc and his family from Trai Bi, between Tay Ninh and the Cambodian Border. Thus these flags and artifacts are not either war booty or GI bring backs, but rather genuine Viet Cong memorabilia.

Included here are two Viet Cong flags used by a named Viet Cong soldier. Considering the hundreds of flags brought home anomalously during the war - two flags from the same soldier to which we can attach a name is a rare occurrence. Couple that with his personnel effects and this Grouping take on added significance.


Private Dao Van Duc Viet Cong Grouping


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