32. Captain Claus Emanuel Ekstrom - WWI

This Grouping contains the flags and personal artifacts of Captain Claus Emmanuel Ekstrom, the adjutant of the 74th U.S Infantry Regiment during WWI. Capt. Ekstrom served with this regiment while they were being trained and organized at Camp Devin, Massachusetts. They were a part of the 24th Infantry Brigade of the 12th Division, nicknamed the √ʬ?¬?Plymouth Division√ʬ?¬Ě because of their Massachusetts origins.

The war ended before they could be deployed overseas and the regiment served entirely stateside. After discharge Capt. Ekstrom returned to education becoming and Instructor of Education at Brown University, in Providence, Rhode Island.

Included here are his U.S. Army issue signal flags, uniform parts and manuals.


Captain Claus Emanuel Ekstrom - WWI Grouping


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