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Scouting is an American institution that has been associated with the flag since the founding of both the Boy Scouts of American in 1910 and the Girl Scouts in1912. Both organizations promoted good citizenship and proper flag etiquette, protocol and lore.

In the Girl Scouts flags had a dual significance. √?¬†In addition to being used in public programs and troop ceremonies to promote citizenship, the fabrication of a flag was a way to also promote the domestic art of sewing, an early and popular Girl Scout activity.

This grouping contains flags from three different Baltimore, MD Girl Scout troops from the 1930s. All are historical replicas of early American flags √ʬ?¬? the Continental Colors; the 13 star Betsy Ross flag, and Ft. McHenry√ʬ?¬?s Star Spangled Banner which bore 15 stars. √?¬†Three of these flags are not professionally made and were doubtless crafted by the Girl Scouts themselves for use in Depression era activities.

These flags remind us of the importance and of the forgotten role of the Girl Scouts in the 1930s when they participated in service projects to support local relief efforts during the Great Depression by making and collecting clothing and quilts, and participating in food drives in addition to their other Scouting activities.


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