52. Cold War - China

During the Cold War China represented a unique challenge. The Chinese Civil War (1927-1937 & 1946-1950) resulted in two Chinas √ʬ?¬? the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) on the mainland and then Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan. √?¬†The mainland was communist but it was not aligned with the Warsaw Pact, and although officially non-aligned, it did not belong to the Non-Aligned Movement. √?¬†The PRC vociferously resisted the support most NATO countries provided for the ROC. Accordingly China remained a simmering anomaly during the Cold War.


Cold War - China Grouping


Item Ref Item Name Sub-Collection
Republic of China - USN -  Mare Island 1947 ZFC1310 Republic of China - USN - Mare Island 1947 U.S. Naval
China // National Flag ZFC1270 China // National Flag China
Republic of China National Flag. - Variant	ZFC1316 Republic of China National Flag. - Variant China

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