51. Cold War - Non-Aligned

A direct result of the Cold War was the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) which was founded in 1961 by nations that did not align with either the Western or Soviet power blocs.

It was the brainchild of the Indian nationalist and politician V. K. Krishna Menon, and included in the Non-Aligned Movement Grouping is a rare and early Indian national flag dating from the 1947 √ʬ?¬? 19512 period

There are other of the NAM countries as well. It is important to note that membership in these power blocs was fluid: China, a communist country split politically and ideologically with the Soviet Union in 1960; √?¬†Albania an original signatory of the Warsaw Pact withdrew support in 1961and France nominally a Western democracy withdrew from NATO in 1966.


Also included here is a United Nations and a stylized Swiss military style color, who while not members of the NAM, personify the concept of neutrality.


Cold War - Non-Aligned Grouping


Item Ref Item Name Sub-Collection
India // National Flag / 1947 to 1951 ZFC1167 India // National Flag / 1947 to 1951 Asia
Yugoslavia National Flag // 1945-1991 ZFC0853 Yugoslavia National Flag // 1945-1991 Europe
National Flag of Cuba, 20th Century. ZFC3552 National Flag of Cuba, 20th Century. Central America
India//national flag ZFC1030 India//national flag Asia
United Nations (UN) Flag. ZFC0890 United Nations (UN) Flag. Trans-National
Swiss Army Battallion style Flag - ZFC1290 Swiss Army Battallion style Flag - Military / Other Countries

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