06. Mexican American War, 1845 - 1848

The War with Mexico was fought between 1846 and 1848. Flags in from this era include an extremely rare Louisiana Militia National Color and the 28 Star, No. 1 U.S. Ensign of the USS Constitution, which saw service in Mexican waters just prior to the outbreak of hostilities. This ensign stayed with the ship, was updated to 30 stars and continued to be worn by her in the Mediterranean. An 1837 flag chart displays the flag of an Independent Texas, whose annexation by the United States served as the principle Casus belli of this conflict.

A unique New Your Naval Militia flag is also included in this grouping along with a daguerreotype of a Mexican-American War soldier and a commemorative coverlet woven for the 1848 Buena Vista Festival.

Also included are a contemporary print of the USS Constitution displaying her ensign on the occasion of the first visit by a Pontiff to U.S. territory; and a limited edition poster form the sesquicentennial celebrations held in Sonoma, California commemorating the raising of the Bear Flag on 14 June 1846.


Mexican American War, 1845 - 1848 Grouping


Item Ref Item Name Sub-Collection
U.S. 28 Star National Color, 4th Louisiana Militia ZFC1444 U.S. 28 Star National Color, 4th Louisiana Militia Star Spangled Banner Flag House
USS Constitution No.1 Ensign, 28-30 Star 1845/50 ZFC2588 USS Constitution No.1 Ensign, 28-30 Star 1845/50 U.S. Naval
ZFC3763 "Ship of State" - depicts ZFC2588 in 1849 U.S. Naval
ZFC0277 "Flags of the Principle Nations of the World" 1837 Flag Posters
U.S. New York Naval Militia Color. ZFC2498 U.S. New York Naval Militia Color. Crow Art Partnership Collection
US // Gen. Winfield Scott / Engraving ZFC2323 US // Gen. Winfield Scott / Engraving Artifacts not flags
ZFC1388 "The Bear Flag Sesquicentennial" Poster, 1996. Flag Posters

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