National Treasures - Flags in American Politics

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Flags in American Politics
ZFC3186  U.S. Socialism Saves Capitalism Banner - Wall St after 2008 "Bail-Out". This Banner was produced by Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez of the Green Party to protest the Wall Street Bailout and features the slogan “Jail Time Not Bail Time.” It was displayed at the rally on at Federal Hall, 26 Wall Street in New York City, October 16th, 2008. Read more ZFC3242 U.S. 50 Star Flag Barack Obama - A More Perfect Union Speech. One of 8 flags set at the podium behind the rostrum when senator Barack Obama delivered a More Perfect Union Speech on the 18th of March 2008 before an audience at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Obama framed his remarks in terms of the broader issue of race. Read more
ZFC2573 48 Star U.S. Flag - signed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR has signed this 48 Star United States flag on the fourth white horizontal stripe from its top, adjacent to the canton. FDR’s signature is very bold, in black ink, measuring a full 5" inches long and 1" high. A beautiful signature on an unusual medium. Read more
ZFC3237  U.S. National Woman’s Party HQ Flag, Suffragette Movement, Washington, D.C.,1916-1920. This rare National Woman’s Party flag was a display and march flag of the American suffragette movement in the early 20th Century. It is unusual for NWP flags to have survived, this spectacular piece is a fortunate exception to that rule. Read more ZFC3123 Woman Suffrage Party Felt Pennant and Button. This felt pennant was issued by the Woman Suffrage Party, a group founded by Carrie Chapman Catt and based in New York City. Read more
ZFC3215 U.S. 36 Star flag. An 1884 Cleveland & Hendricks campaign flag made from an obsolete 36 star U.S. flag, an example of early recycling. Read more ZFC0624 13 Star U.S. Flag, Revolutionary & Early Federal Period. Believed to be one of the oldest surviving 13 Star flags from the early period of American history, this flag, from Salem, MA, bears blue stars on white, and reverses the traditional motifs. The placement of blue stars on a white canton is extremely rare. Read more
ZFC2433 U.S. 37 Star Diamond Pattern Flag. In 1869 the Prohibition Party was formed to oppose the consumption of alcohol. This early 37 star flag was used by that party's president, W. Martin Jones. Read more
ZFC0619 37 Star U.S. Flag “EQUAL TAXATION,” Democratic Party 1868. The concept of equal taxation was a contentious a national issue in the mid 19th century. This flag was used to promote either a political position or candidate by associating the Equal Taxation concept with the national flag. Read more ZFC2495 U.S. 36 Star Grant-Colfax parade flag. In 1869 the Grant and Colfax campaign used Civil War surplus to create these 36 star parade flags for supporters. Read more
ZFC0692 34 Star U.S. Flag “OUR POLICY THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE,” Sovereignty slogan. This enormous flag bearing the inscription, Our Policy: The Will of the People is an early and striking example of the flag being linked with partisan political discourse. Read more ZFC0634 26 Star U.S. flag. This 26 star flag dates from the period of the election of 1840, when for the first time, flags were used in political campaigns. This flag is thought to be one of the earliest examples of printed parade flags. Read more