43. AXIS

The Axis is the term used to describe those nations opposed to the Allies during WWII. Although identification with the Axis was fluid during the conflict, it is generally understood to have always included Germany, Japan and Italy. Because of political and cultural practices in both Germany and Japan flags from these nations are plentiful. Presented in this Grouping ? are many Axis flags, artifacts and ephemera.

Due to their overtly offensive nature, it was decided to display only those 3rd Reich items that were captured and autographed by American soldiers in this Grouping -?  an armband and a banner from a German menâ??s choral group. The other German items are uniform insignia, an Afrika Corps helmet and minefield danger flags. ? The Zaricor Flag Collection contains a wide array of 3rd Reich items not included in these Groupings

The Japanese flags and artifacts include both military and civilian flags, ranging from the common Hinomaru Yosegaki, â??good luck flagsâ? to very rare Japanese Imperial Navy Admiralâ??s flags; along with other ephemera. Among the Japanese items is a flag and wooden â??dog tagâ? recovered in 1945 during the siege of Manila, form a Japanese sailor.

Among the Italian flags are both national flags, anti-fascist items and a flag of the short-lived Italian Socialist Republic formed at the end of the war.

World War II - AXIS Grouping

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