The Zaricor Flag collection: Two Centuries of Concord & Conflict

The Zaricor Flag Collection (ZFC), as the noted flag historian, the late Howard Madaus stated, Is the largest most important representation of U.S. and American flags in the world. Containing many important foreign flags, the ZFC is more than a large accumulation; rather it is a dynamic working collection, used for research, exhibition and educational purposes. Read more >>

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U.S. 13 Star \"76\" Flag.Presidents of America - engraved print - 1849 Presidential Flag Theodore Roosevelt, 1902 U.S. Army Presidential Color, 1912.Presidential Flag of President Roosevelt, 1935.Presidential Flag of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1945.Vice Presidential Flag, 1948-1975Limousine President Dwight D. Eisenhower 195950 Star U.S. Presidential Flag, John F. KennedyThe John F. Kennedy Presidential Limousine Flag.U.S. Vice President\'s Flag 1947-1975 design.Automobile Flag President Ronald W. Reagan.U.S 50 Star Flag - \"A More Perfect Union\"USS Constitution No.1 Ensign, 28-30 Star 1845/50\"Ship of State\" - depicts ZFC2588 in 1849 French Masthead Pennant,  L\'Insurgente, 1799U.S. Early Militia Regimental Color     U.S. 50 Star Apollo 14 Flag - EVA Moon Flag 1971.U.S. 13 Star Flag - Great Star in Glory.U.S. 13 Star Flag - Hancock & English.U.S. 17 Star, 17 Stripe Privateer Ensign.U.S. 33 Star \"Eagle Canton\" Militia National ColorFirst Captured U.S. 33 Star Flag, Pensacola, Fla.General Custer\'s Headquarters Command Guidon.Gen. George A. Custer\'s Third Personal Guidon.Second National Ensign of the CSS Alabama, 1864.US Revenue-Marine Ensign & Custom House Flag 1790sU.S. 13 Stars flag - Privateer Minerva.  Philippines Sultanate of Sulu Insurrecto Flag.France Libre, Occupation made Liberation Flag.China - Ching Dynasty Year of the Dragon Flag.48 Star U.S. Flag - \"The Last 48\" U.S. 49 Star Flag, First to Fly Over Fort McHenry.U.S. 34 Stars Flag Peale Museum.U.S. 35 Star Parade Flag.U.S. 34 Star flag - Battle List Flag.

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A Tour with the Collector Presidio San Francisco Exhibit

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Flags in the News

Presidential Debate, Washington University, 2004

Presidential Debate, Washington University, 2004

Historic American flags displayed at Debate Media Center. Read more

C-SPAN Coverage of the 2004 Presidential Debate Media Center in Washington University in St. Louis. Read more

The Origin of the Collection

I began the collection during a visit to Canada in the winter of 1970, where I acquired the first two flags. Now that collection has grown to encompass over 3500 flags, banners, patriotic/early American quilts and other flag related items spanning the 18th to the 21st century!
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National Treasures

U.S. Presidential & Vice Presidential Flags

Executive Order 10860 defines the US Presidential flag. Read more


The Heart of the Collection: Flags in American Politics

A Woman Suffrage Party Pennant from 1909. Read more

49th Anniversary & Memorial of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, November 22, 1963, Dallas, Texas.

President John F. Kennedy's Assassination Limousine Flag. Read more

50-Star U.S. Flag, President John F. Kennedy's Limousine. Read more